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Save Sheffield From Labour Party City Council Incompetence!

28th Jan 2014

The mainstream media continues to report on the consequences of the most recent wave of mass immigration underway from eastern europe in the form of Roma villages moving lock, stock and barrel to places such as Sheffield's Page Hall area or as locals refer to it as Page Hole, as the latest immigration crisis to hit Sheffield appears to have prompted panic amongst pro-immigration Labour politicians on fears of a voter back lash such as the former Labour Home Secretary, David Blunkett who recently warned of the potential for Roma riots during 2014 as a consequence of the arrival of as many as 8000 Roma peoples with a concentration of approx 4,000 in the Page Hole area alone.

BBC - David Blunkett riot fear over Roma migrant tensions

Tensions between local people and Roma migrants could escalate into rioting unless action is taken to improve integration, David Blunkett has warned.

The former home secretary fears a repeat of race riots that hit northern cities in 2001.

His concerns centre on the Page Hall area of Sheffield, where Roma migrants have set up home.

"We have got to change the behaviour and the culture of the incoming community, the Roma community, because there's going to be an explosion otherwise. We all know that."

"If everything exploded, if things went really wrong, the community would obviously be devastated. We saw this in Bradford, Burnley and Oldham all those years ago when I first became home secretary. We saw that the community itself were the losers."

He called on the Roma community in Page Hall to change aspects of their "behaviour", such as congregating on the streets on summer evenings and dumping litter, which he said was "aggravating" local people.

‘The Roma youngsters have come from a background even more different culturally, because they were living in the edge of woods, not going to school, not used to the norms of everyday life. We’ve got to change that.’

"We've got to be tough and robust in saying to people you are not in a downtrodden village or woodland, because many of them don't even live in areas where there are toilets or refuse collection facilities. You are not there any more, you are here - and you've got to adhere to our standards, and to our way of behaving, and if you do then you'll get a welcome and people will support you." - David Blunkett - Sheffield - Brightside MP, Former Labour Home Secretary

The current wave of mass immigration represents just the latest in a long line of what amounts to a Labour government conspiracy for the importation of over 2.5 million new Labour voters nationwide so as to ensure that Labour would be able to win constituency and local elections in cities such as Sheffield, as over 90% of migrants settle in traditional Labour areas to reinforce the Labour vote as over 90% tend to vote for the traditional party of immigration in gratitude for having effectively been granted entry into Elysium in comparison to the pigsty's they escaped from.

As many as 4,000 Roma's settling in Page Hole alone has resulted in much media interest in viewpoints of Page Holes non Roma residents, prompting many to step forward to air their views on the broadcast and print mainstream media giving rise to comments such as -

‘We want to claim our streets back.'

'We need to do something or it will be too late,’

With far worse comments reported on such as that of several offers of Roma baby's being put up for sale for £250 each to locals.

Unfortunately these out spoken Page Hole residents do themselves a great disservice as many of the most vocal are themselves recent migrants from the indian sub-continent, and it's no joking matter to watch and hear an accented immigrant from east asia complaining of the recent arrival of Roma peoples into their areas, which no doubt will illicit the response amongst many viewers of it being a case of "the pot calling the kettle black", and thus play straight into the hands of right wing groups such as the EDL and BNP who will be salivating at the prospects of inter-migrant race riots, rivers of blood between different shades of brown so to speak that appears to be brewing in places such as Page Hole.

So, instead of making fools of themselves on national television, such individuals as well as British born peoples of the area would be best advised to look in the mirror and ask themselves do they actually work themselves? Or are their fat lazy asses also sat on benefits since they got of the plane or left school? Since which time have been sat getting fat on a myriad of benefits such as housing benefit, council tax, child benefit, income support where the thought pains them to great extent that such benefits are now being shared with the likes of Romanians, Czechs and Slovaks, in addition to all of the free services that the state offers such as schools and the NHS.

The fact is that those that do work hard will have long since escaped from Page Hole, leaving behind an Industrial estate populated with thousands of factories, but not as one would imagine that are engaged in productive manufacturing activities but instead populated by thousands of baby making factories that on an near industrial scale manufacture babies with the sole aim of maximising the draw down of benefits which demands an average of 6 children per family, usually presented as dubious single parent households, seen as the most effective way of securing housing and benefits with the children left to roam the streets as feral youth in many of Sheffield's areas and not just Page Hole.

Once upon a time Sheffield did not have a housing crisis, (about 15 years ago), however if you import well over 50,000 new labour voters into a city of 500,000 without building even 1/20th the housing this new demand generates then you do get a housing crisis as illustrated by a council housing waiting list of over 85,000 people!

Sheffield's social housing has effectively FROZEN, 85 thousand people have their names on a worthless waiting list that they dutifully put their bids in online for the handful of council properties that crop up each week when there is ZERO chance of them getting any of the properties for it is purely an exercise in futility as the properties are destined for homeless families, not just from eastern europe but those ejected from the South of England as a consequence of the benefits cap.

This is why the risk of riots is rising, not just because of what is taking place in areas such as Page Hole but the effects are reverberating city wide as public services form housing to health to social care to education are effectively SIEZING UP!

However, I should point out that it is not the immigrants fault for they have been encouraged to settle in places such as Page Hole as the former Labour government and Labour local councils have been hell bent on engineering more low paid, bribed on benefits for life labour voters into existence which in Sheffield resulted in the Labour party regaining power back from the Liberal Democrats at the 2011 local elections, therefore both nationally and locally the blame lies squarely at Labours door.

How Labour Fails Cities Such as Sheffield

Reams have been written on the legacy of the last Labour government that set out to deliver the Coalition government a scorched earth economy one of an ever expanding debt mountain that manifests itself in exponential inflation that earnings have failed to keep pace with as the price being paid for the economic collapse of 4 years ago as the Coalition government has battled hard to recover from the out of control annual deficit that feeds the debt monster each year.

The inflation consequences of which has been to crush hard working people who have seen their earnings fall in real terms by an average of 15%.

An outcome which has so far played perfectly into the hands of the Labour party for whilst the hard working people of Britain fume at the rising cost of living and blame the Coalition government for their predicament. Instead no one appears to have reported on the fact that Labour policies have resulted in immigrants having gained a huge average pay rises of typically SIX TIMES what they were earning in their home countries, as wages are further inflated by means of tax credits and housing benefit for low paid workers. No wonder over 90% migrants are grateful to Labour for having laid the ground work to allow them to settle and increase their earnings by SIX times.

Meanwhile the increase in incomes is far grater for the work shy benefits for life claimants where the increase for say a typical Roma family is 20X that which they would be in receipt of in Romania. So it should not be of any surprise at all that whole Roma villages are moving lock stock an barrel to places such as Page Hole as they enjoy an income rise bonanza whilst the hard working people of Sheffield have experienced near 5 years of falling real terms incomes.

However, the Sheffield Labour council is not yet done with Sheffielders, for coupled with falling wages are the widespread cuts in front line services which illustrates that the public sector (Labour vested interest workers) operate at an inflation rate far above the official rate of inflation due to lack of productive activity due to the tendency to employ an army of over paid, irrelevant paper pushers including consultants paid £800 per DAY!, that requires ever rising expenditures far above the official inflation rates just to stand still as the following examples illustrate:

Sheffield Jobs Crisis - Public Sector Crowds Out Private Sector

Sheffield Labour councils obsession with employing tens of thousands of unproductive public sector workers that tend to crowd out the more competent and efficient private sector firms because they cannot compete in a market place that has the public sector subsidised by tax payers, the net effect is that unlike other regional cities such as Leeds, Sheffield just does not have the firms to create the jobs nor are firms in the region incentivised to locate subsidiaries in Sheffield.

A new report by the Centre for Cities Research illustrates Sheffield's jobs crisis which concludes that whilst Leeds has created 4,200 private sector jobs over a 2 year period (ranking it 9th nationally), instead Sheffield has lost 7,500 jobs (ranking it 61st) and that is the price being paid for an incompetent Labour City Council as the Council appears to be populated by politicians for life who have no real experience of working in the private sector so cannot even perceive the deep hole that they are dragging Sheffield into.

Sheffield School Places Chaos

The reason so many children fail to get a place at for instance a catchment area school, is as a consequence of the Labour run Sheffield City Council continuing the Liberal Democrats programme for spending deep cuts in Sheffield's education budget as the below graph illustrates that in nominal terms has seen the education budget already cut by 11% since 2010 and 17% in real terms for the year 2012-13 and with the budget for 2013-14 announced continuing the the deep cuts to 14% and 24%, (after inflation of 3% per annum).

Sheffeld city council school places cuts

The impact of these cuts on child places in effect reverses the picture of more than a decade earlier, when Sheffield's children could more or less have expected to receive a place at a catchment area school of their choice at the application stage, with the remaining accepted on appeal, this was as the below graph illustrates by virtue of the fact that for many years Sheffield had a surplus of 5,000 school places (about 5%). However over the past 2 years deep cuts in the budget in real terms has reversed the situation from a an estimated 5,000 surplus places to a deficit of 5,000 places as of 2012-13, i.e. a cut of 10,000 school places through school closures and reductions in the number of classes running at exiting schools, against that which were available during 2010-11, the consequences of which is that schools are being effectively stuffed full to the rafters with the number of children per class now far exceeding the recommended guidelines for maximum class sizes which is resulting in the lack of school places at catchment area schools.

The consequences for school places has been that many families face a crisis of failure to attain a place in catchment area schools even if siblings attend the school due to an estimated deficit of 8,000 school places for 2013-14 which is resulting in children being placed at schools right across the city thus making it impossible for children with siblings to be in receipt of an effective education service that parents are still forced to pay for through high council and payroll taxes.

The consequences of this is not just lack of school places at schools of choice but that ALL existing schools will be stuffed full to rafters with children they have no room for with severe consequences in terms of the quality of teaching and social consequences in terms of breakdown in school systems including the the behaviour of students, and ultimately in the performance of schools as all schools are likely to see a worsening in the attainment levels of their students.

Holding Sheffield City Councillor's to Account

Sheffield's Councilors of both Labour and Liberal Democrat parties are letting the electorate down as they concentrate on preserving bureaucracy and their own perks and allowances at the expense of actual front line services as illustrated by the School Pupils Admissions Team which is failing to operate a fair and level playing field in the handling of annual applications for all pupils, failure to do so should mean that they should also lose their place in the council chamber (be voted out) just as many children are annually denied their right to a place in the nearest school due as a consequence deep cuts and operation of a two tier system for school places which is supported by a pseudo independant rubber stamping appeals process. The responsibility for Sheffield's education crisis lies firmly with the Labour and Liberal Democrat Councillor's, current and former cabinet members and their advisors.

The bottom line is that as the city council is unable to operate an efficient and fair education system then parents should be allowed to opt out of state schooling altogether, in which respect a proportion of their taxes, including council taxes deducted towards state education should be refunded to allow to be utilised towards paying for competent private schooling especially as cutting funding by 24% (real terms) and stuffing existing schools full of students WILL obviously result in the WORSENING of the quality of education and student attainment levels for ALL state schools.

Sheffield Fly Tipping Soars 180% Following 50% Black Bin Collections Cut, Whilst Veolia Profits

The Labour run Sheffield City's baldrick-esk councillor's cunning plan of 2012 was to cut costs by cutting black bin waste collections by 50% has not only FAILED to result in a cut in the waste management budget but has resulted in an increase in fly tipping by over 180% as the number of reported cases of fly tipping soar city wide to 576 for 2012/13 as compared to 204 for 2011/12 which could yet double again for 2013/14, whilst the French multinational waste contracting firm Veolia's annual UK profits continue to soar at the rate of 20% per annum.

Sheffielders have been left to deal with the consequences of the city council being in the hands of incompetents as mountains of waste go uncollected that council tax payers are forced to self dispose of as I warned over a year ago (Labour Sheffield Council Black Bins Collections 50% Cut Encouraging Fly Tipping)

Sheffield's law abiding citizens are being left with little choice but to make regular trips of between 5 to 10 miles to the nearest waste disposal sites.

The only problem is that the demand at the waste disposal sites has soared, resulting in huge queues and much time being wasted as a consequence of Sheffield city council incompetence as it can take several hours to dispose of waste that Sheffielders are still forced to pay for through rising council tax bills.

Those that complain to Sheffield's waste management services will likely be in receipt of a bureaucratic formulaic letter recommending that the council tax payer should increase recycling. However recycling can only cut waste upto a point.

Incompetent Sheffield City Council's 25 Year Contract with Veolia

The claim by the Labour run Sheffield City Council was that the 50% cut in waste collection will reduce household waste by 10% and cut costs by saving £1.6 million in year 1 and £2.4 million over several years, though at an estimated cost of £1 million to implement, so for a net saving of just £600k in the first year. Though what these calculations failed to allow for were the impact of high public sector / monopoly services Inflation, which insures that NO monies have been nor will be saved. Additionally the argument of cutting waste by 10% is nonsensical because households will still generate the same amount of waste, it's just that less of it will find its way into black bin's and more elsewhere such as increasingly being fly tipped at huge additional clear up cost.

The decision to make these cuts was made by the Council in Feb 2012. This was despite government funding available as of 30th Sept 2011 for 3 years funding for weekly black bin collections to continue which for political reasons the Labour council failed to apply for this funding.

Both the Liberal Democrats and Labour party are to blame for the fiasco that is Sheffield's waste collections and processing, such as the handing over of Sheffield's incinerator to Veolia after tax payers were forced to spend £25 million on upgrades. The degree of incompetence can be witnessed in the Veolia's company accounts, where the company consistently reports large jumps in annual profits such as by 18.4% for 2011 (£119.5 million). Therefore even before the recent cost cuts a large chunk of Sheffield council taxes were already going towards Veolia's vast profits, and even more now after black bin collections have been cut by 50%, despite apparently Sheffield City Council having another 14 years to run on a 25 year contract for weekly bin collections. This apparent 25 year long contract with Veolia needs to be independently investigated as to why were Sheffield residents signed up to such a lengthy contract and secondly why 10 years into the contract were bin collection services cut by 50%. At the very least such an investigation will illustrate how incompetent Sheffield City Council has been in managing public funds, at worst could reveal alleged irregularities in the arrangement of such contracts with a whole host of suppliers that fail to deliver and result in huge costs to council tax payers.

The 50% cut in bin collections will continue to encourage fly tipping by many residents left with over flowing black bins, who are put off by having to wait many hours in long queues at waste disposal sites (when they are open). Therefore escalating the costs for clearing fly tipping which will effectively end up costing the city council many times more than the amount it stated that would be saved and which in reality is already not being saved.

The facts increasingly suggest that Sheffield's city councilors work more in the interests of large multi-nationals such as Veolia than for the ordinary citizen's / council tax payers whom they expect to vote for red, yellow or blue zombie style at each May's local elections regardless of actual competency in delivery of local services. Instead Sheffield city Councilors play the public propaganda blame game between themselves and Veolia when conveniently forgetting that NO ONE in Sheffield voted for Veolia. The contract with Veolia should be ripped up and investigated as to why it was arranged in the first place, because was NOT IN THE INTERESTS OF THE PEOPLE OF SHEFFIELD BY A LONG MARGIN!

If the current trend continues then it won't be long before black bin collections are switched to monthly, then bi-monthly, then quarterly, all in the interests of maximising Veolia's annual profits.

Meanwhile Veolia intends on importing an additional 15,000 tons of waste from across the region (on top of 50,000 already being imported) to burn at Sheffield's incinerator. This illustrates the magnitude of Labour's incompetence, whilst Sheffield household waste increasingly goes uncollected, Veolia seeks to profit by importing other cities waste to pollute Sheffield with. And the Liberal Democrats are no better!

Save Sheffield From the Labour Catastrophe!

Sheffield has the potential to become a great city if only the people of Sheffield can overcome their zombiesk brainwashing to vote Labour at every election despite an abysmal record whilst in office. Instead of bottom feeding for Labour voters from across Europe, Sheffield needs to concentrate on attracting Britain's brightest and best in which respect Sheffield should attempt to follow the example of neighbouring Leeds which is fast turning out to be the London of the North.

All it needs is a sea change in thinking amongst the electorate which is to vote for those that favour internal professional migration over that of drawing baby making factories from across eastern europe just because they tend to vote Labour.

Sheffield urgently needs competent people in charge of the city even if it means forgoing democratic representation by politicians for life with no real experience of engaging in productive activities. Whilst it may be clearly beyond the electorate of Sheffield to elect a Tory council, however they could in a referendum request that the city is managed by professionals with real experience of running successful enterprises for a term of x number of years.

Sheffield needs to develop itself to become a rival to Leeds in terms of financial services so that it too can one day claim to be the London of the North, a truly central financial hub for England, especially as sea level rises will increasingly put the London mega-city at risk prompting many firms over the coming decades to migrate to cities such as Leeds which means even more wealth concentrated into Leeds and therefore resulting in a wider wealth gap between the two neighbouring cities.

Meanwhile the Baldrick's in charge of Sheffield City council only know how to do one thing, which is to make things EVEN WORSE as evidenced by epidemic of one way streets that act to funnel traffic towards the new bus gates so that the council can earn revenue from fining motorists who become even more reluctant to transact business in Sheffield city centre, and then the fools wonder why only people with little money to spend that travel via busses are shopping at the new £18 million in door Moor market.

Another example of a history of Labour Council incompetence is that Sheffield council tax payers are still paying £30 million a year for the near £600 million 1991 Socialist World Student Games, and will continue paying the bill off for at least another decade despite the fact that Don Valley Stadium is being demolished, all for the glorification of a few Labour politicians.

Save Sheffield From Labour! and the Liberal Democrats.

Source and Comments: http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article44159.html

Nadeem Walayat


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