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Sheffield's Worst NHS GP Surgeries Could Close on Spending Cuts

20th Jan 2010

The British economy is in the midst of a deep debt crisis that risks a collapse into a hyperinflationary bust. The root of the problem lies in the fact that the government spends £180 billion more on public spending than it earns, i.e. government revenues are £500 billion, and government expenditure is £680 billion (2009-10 est). The deficit of £180 billion is at 14% of GDP and is not sustainable that requires an urgent and near immediate cut in the deficit to below 6% of GDP to prevent igniting an out of control inflationary debt spiral.

Both political parties have pledged to ring fence NHS and Education budgets for growth. However these promises are NOT possible given the fact that these are two of the largest spending budgets, therefore it would be impossible for the government to achieve the cut in the deficit without also cutting these budgets by at least 4% and possibly as high as 6%.

Even if all of the proposed cuts detailed in the earlier analysis (UK Public Spending Deficit Debt that Risks Bankrupting Britain ) did take place, Britain would still be in for tough times during the next 5 years. However without cutting the big spending budgets then there is no way the country can bridge the huge deficit where each months deficit is added to Britians' debt mountain the size of which would risk a currency and economic collapse into hyper-inflation Iceland style.

The following list of Sheffield GP Surgeries is from the data compiled by the Department of Health funded UK GP Patient Survey conducted by Ipsos MORI during early 2009 that sent out a questionnaire to 5.7 million NHS GP patients and therefore comprises the most comprehensive data available as to patient feedback of actual experience of using GP Services. In total 57,759 questionnaires were sent out to Sheffield patients of which 24,696 were returned or 42.75% (click here for a sample survey).

Whilst the questionnaire contained many fields, however the most relevant fields towards the rating of Sheffield's GP Surgeries is the level of overall patient satisfaction with the quality of healthcare at the GP surgeries for all of the 91 Sheffield GP surgeries in order of most overall satisfaction experienced.

Out of the full list of 91, the follow represent the bottom 10 performing GP surgeries in Sheffield as per the UK GP Patient Survey some of whom could be singled out to be cut, which ironically may result in improved healthcare for the patients as they are transferred to Sheffield GP surgeries ranked by a higher patient satisfaction percentage.

Surgery Rank (1-91) Practice name Total survey forms distributed Total completed forms received Response rate (%) % Very satisfied % Fairly satisfied % Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied % Fairly dissatisfied % Very dissatisfied % Satisfied (total)
82 CROOKES VALLEY MEDICAL CENTRE 1,063 278 26% 50% 34% 10% 4% 2% 84%
83 CARRFIELD MEDICAL CENTRE 655 242 37% 51% 33% 11% 4% 1% 84%
84 SHEFFIELD MEDICAL CENTRE 784 212 27% 56% 28% 11% 2% 2% 84%
85 STONECROFT MEDICAL CENTRE 501 274 55% 42% 42% 9% 6% 1% 84%
86 HAROLD STREET MEDICAL CENTRE 886 255 29% 47% 35% 11% 5% 2% 82%
87 WESTFIELD HEALTH CENTRE 663 255 38% 47% 35% 13% 4% 2% 81%
88 WOODHOUSE MEDICAL CENTRE 570 292 51% 36% 43% 11% 6% 4% 79%
89 DARNALL HEALTH CENTRE (MEHROTRA) 659 269 41% 32% 43% 16% 6% 2% 76%
90 DARNALL COMMUNITY HEALTH 779 285 37% 23% 51% 10% 13% 3% 74%
91 HIGHGATE  SURGERY 1,000 264 26% 28% 39% 15% 8% 11% 66%

Data Source - http://results.gp-patient.co.uk/report/main.aspx

By Nadeem Walayat


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