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Sheffield Ebola Outbreak Danger Following Royal Hallamshire Hospital Decision

10th Oct 2014

The committee of Baldricks in charge of the NHS have arrived at a cunning plan for containment of the deadly Ebola virus WHEN it arrives on Britain’s shores by SPREADING infected people throughout the country right into the heart of Britain’s largest cities so as to ensure maximum risk of infection. And so Sheffield's Royal Hallamshire Hospital has been designated as South Yorkshire's first hospital to act as source for infection of the cities 550k population.

Apparently according to NHS officials the best protection is for a stiff upper lip, where the assumption is one of Keep Calm and Carry on Infecting as nothing is or will be learned from the experience of others such as the Spain’s Baldricks who flew in just 2 infected patients into their state of the art quarantine and treatment facilities that FAILED to contain the virus that has sent Spain into a state of panic, running around like headless chickens attempting to quarantine all those who may have been infected during the few short days the infected nurse went AWOL.

If Spain’s best quarantine and healthcare facilities were unable to contain the virus then what hope is there for the likes of Sheffield's Royal Hallamshire Hospital that already has a poor record for hygiene as evidenced by the fact that each year many patients tend to contract the winter vomiting Norovirus which sows the seeds for a truly monumental disastrous outcome should any Ebola infected patients actually arrive at the Royal Hallamshires isolation rooms.

The people of Britain well understand that the myth of the NHS competency fails at least 1/3rd of the time when the NHS only tends to go through the motions of providing a health service which whilst most of the time the consequences for lack of consistency in competency is only to the detriment of the patient, however as we are witnessing in Spain that Ebola is completely unforgiving where any lack of competency that can result in a disastrous outcome.

Therefore expect widespread panic amongst Sheffielder's as soon as news emerges of the Royal Hallamshire housing its first Ebola patient that will result in many cancelled appointments and demands for patients to be treated at other hospitals as Sheffield's Royal Hallamshire Hospital effectively becomes a no go zone as the city dreads hearing the inevitable news that the virus has escaped the isolation rooms which will happen even more easily than it has from Spain's state of the art facilities.

And following news of the inevitable lack of competence in the hospital acting as a disbursal point for the deadly virus than so will Sheffield overnight become a ghost town as fear grips the city with many people forced to venture out donning face masks to reduce the risks of exposure to the virus, no matter how reassuring the health officials are in their official statements for they will already have already disastrously failed the people of the city resulting in parents too afraid to send their children to school or even venture into work as the cities economy grinds to a halt as people keep themselves away from potential infections.

Resulting in a landscape that resembles something out of a Stephen King novel where the only signs of life would be black crows.

Those who imagine that an outbreak in the UK is avoidable fail to appreciate the level of cunningness that has gone into the Baldricks planning which includes having sent an army of several hundred NHS staff to the infected areas many of whom will become infected and flown back to UK NHS hospitals to go on and spark their own outbreaks as NHS hospitals become breading grounds for the virus nationwide.

Meanwhile the government believing its own preparedness propaganda has compounded the potential for an UK Ebola crisis by instead of declaring it would stop all flights from affected countries during the ongoing outbreak instead is dicing with death as complacently states that travellers from Sub-Saharan Africa will not even be checked for signs of infection which sows the seeds for a number of infected individuals to be allowed into the UK where only one would be necessary to mark Britain’s patient zero to start an outbreak, especially as free movement of people is enshrined in European union treaties no matter the risk they may pose in terms of spreading a virus i.e. an infected Spanish person could easily get on a plane and land in the UK without any checks of infection.

The World Health Organisation estimates that the number of infected people in the effected countries is doubling every 3 weeks then it is highly probable that the UK will have its own out of control Ebola outbreaks before the end of this month (October), it's patient zero's that the NHS will disburse to all corners of Britain.

Urgent Action is Needed

The Baldricks in charge of Sheffield city council need to grow some balls and stand up for the people of Sheffield by recognising that the NHS is just not competent enough to handle infected patients and that there will be an outbreak in Sheffield emanating from patients brought into the cities Royal Hallamshire Hospital. Therefore as a matter of urgency someone competent needs to be put in charge of handling the potential risks of Ebola outbreaks in the UK where the first signs of intelligence would be in isolating and for the concentration of Ebola patients so as reduce the risks of out of control outbreaks i.e. the exact opposite of today's NHS Baldrick plan of spreading the virus as wide as possible. Instead the Baldricks in charge of the NHS issue statements such as don't worry this is Britain, not Africa, and that there is only a very low risk of an outbreak in the UK. Well that is what the Spanish medical staff were stating just before they started dropping like flys!

Instead of taking action all the likes of David Cameron can do is watch and react to what President Obola states in the United States, as if US healthcare is any more competent than Britain’s NHS where the gung-ho tendency is to fire a couple of hell-fire missiles at infected persons in America's new war on Ebola.

Someone competent needs to urgently take control and formulate a national emergency plan to contain Ebola outbreaks because the current NHS plans and people are not competent and in fact will magnify any outbreak rather than containment, and we will not get a second chance!

Labour Voting Area Hospitals Selected ?

Royal Free Hospital London, Royal Hallamshire Hospital Sheffield, Royal Liverpool hospital and Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle upon Tyne. Is it just a coincidence that Labour voting areas of the country have been selected by the Tory government for the privilege of having Ebola plague victims.

What Should be Done

The bottom-line is that an outbreak in Britain is INEVITABLE because our Borders agency and NHS are just not competent enough in preventing it, therefore we have a short window of opportunity to put all efforts into developing a vaccine in enough quantities to make a difference, else come January the body bags will start piling high.

By Nadeem Walayat


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